Dude, Where’s Your Socks?

It never fails.  When ever my kids go over someone’s house, they end up leaving some article of clothing there.  I am not really sure why exactly, but my kids love to take their clothes off.  Ever since they were young, they loved to get naked.  Most days, when 4:00 pm struck, my kids would strip down and we would have “Naked Dance Party” (and no, I was not part of the naked dancing, I was just the DJ.) 🙂

Both my kids hate socks.  My daughter hates the “bumps” in the socks, the boy…who knows..he just likes to strip.  Luckily, when we go to peoples’ homes, they are a little more restrained and most of the clothes that get discarded are tame…socks, an occasional shirt, a sweater or hat.

In my daughter’s defense, her undressing is usually not a random act of inhibition.  She goes to a friend’s house once a week and needs to change either into her dance clothes or her swimming gear.  Inevitably, clothes would be left behind….usually whole outfits.  Every few weeks, my friend will arrive at my house with a bag full of my daughter’s clothes, freshly laundered and folded.  It actually is quite nice.  Less laundry for me. 🙂

The boy, on the other hand, has no rhyme or reason as to why he strips and most play dates end up with him in nothing but a pair of underwear and a smile.  On his first play date with a new friend from preschool, he and the other child stripped down and covered themselves in mud.  At a recent day at the playground, he and a friend jumped into a giant puddle and started to strip down…luckily, I stopped him before the pants came off.  (I received quite a few looks from the moms THAT day!)

Every Wednesday, we get together with Jen and Little Man and by the end of most play dates, both boys are down to their skivves, fighting the bad guys in their superhero undies.  Some days, DJ will arrive downstairs in Little Man’s shorts….or worse, his underwear.  My son finds it perfectly acceptable to go through his friend’s bureau and grab a change of clothes as he sees fit.

When it is time to leave, I must do the scavenger hunt for the boy’s clothes, slowly retracing his steps through every room to try to find every last piece of his outfit  Most times, I find everything but….the socks.  Those damn little things are so elusive.   They are never where you THINK they would be.  I find them in the most unusual places…in the bathroom, under the dining room table, on top of a lamp…..???

The bonus part of this whole deal is that my friends find my kids’ clothes and, being the nice people that they are, throw them in the wash and deliver them back to me all nice and clean.  So sweet.  It’s actually kind of a great deal.  My kids trash their homes and spew their clothing every where and I get clean clothes in return.  It’s a great way to avoid doing laundry.

So now when I go to their houses, I take some of the kid’s dirty stuff with me and hide it around their houses.  Not too much….don’t want them to get suspicious, but enough to get a few outfits done and take some of the load off me.  I’ve limited it to the kids clothes…figured it would be a little hard to explain if they found a pair of my undies under the dining room table..

Last time I was at Jen’s, it was a holiday so I had both kids.  My daughter (surprise!) left a pair of socks over there so Jen returned them the following Wednesday.

Jen:  Liv left her socks here.
Me:  Thanks.  (Looking them over)  Did you wash them?
Jen: No.  Gimme a break! I had finished all my laundry that day.
Me: hmmm

When she turned her back, I threw the socks under her kitchen table…..I mean, come on!  The bar has been set.  The least she could do is wash them…. 🙂



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