My Son is an Alien

Dante: Mom, what planet are we all on?
Me: Earth. What planet are you on?
Dante: Jupiter.
This was the first sign that I might have an alien for a son.   At least that is his story and he is sticking to it.  If I hadn’t been present at the birth, I might lean toward believing it myself.
My son can come up with some crazy stories, but believing he is from Jupiter has been one that has stuck and grown since he first mentioned it a year ago.  He apparently has a whole other family on Jupiter, complete with an alien mom, an alien dad, a few alien brothers, and an alien sister.  His alien parents have green eyes and catch on fire when they get angry.  He has a brother named, Lotion, because he likes lotion, a brother named Climber, because he climbs trees, and a sister named Faster, because she runs really fast.  My son’s alien name is Runner, because he runs a lot.  Your average family…well, I do question that kid named Lotion, but over all, it’s what I would expect from an alien family.
My son doesn’t always talk about his other family, but occasionally brings them up at times.   This summer night, while we were sitting by the fire pit, he saw a blinking light of an airplane in the sky.  He shouted “there’s my alien family!  Them coming to see me!”  I asked him if he was leaving our family to go home.  He assured me he would only be gone for a quick minute and then would be back.  Whew!
Over time, we’ve learned more about his planet and his family.  Apparently, his visit to Earth was accidental,  due to him jumping up and down and falling off Jupiter.  His alien family didn’t know he was missing and were worried.  I guess he worked that out with them because now they are ok with his staying on planet Earth.  There is also no potty on Jupiter, which explains a whole lot about our current potty training situation. (check out OMG post)  If you have a accident on Jupiter, you just push a button on your chest and you get new underwear.  Genius!  Someone at Apple should be working on an app for that.
I guess we are kind of at fault for this story getting bigger then it should.  We often include the alien family in our prayers, use the alien family for advice on discipline, and have given birthday presents to my son from his alien parents.  I am sure I will be paying for it later, literally, when he is in therapy for a split personality disorder, but right now it is kind of cute when he says he miss his alien family.
But for right now, what is the harm of having another place where you have a family that loves you and everything there is perfect.  I wish I had a place like that.  On my planet, Dunkins would flow free from fountains in the street, you could press a button and be instantly showered and sleeping in would be considered the norm.
Excuse me now, I have go jump up and down and try to fall off the Earth….

3 thoughts on “My Son is an Alien

  1. I searched this topic..because my son who is 8 now started telling me about his alien family since the age of two. His stories where extremely detailed and have alot of coincidences..sadly he was kicked out of his family and sent to me cause I think different than most people…his brothers are in Texas now..they are working undercover as most aliens do after a certain age. He is from Pluto. Most Japanese aliens are from the moon..where the highest technology is.. Does your son have any similar stories? Its hard not to believe as u say …very convincing if hadn’t seen him come out of me at birth. Haha. But I will tell you. This boy I extremely smart always an honor student and always exceeds test scores. Im sure your son is on the same path 😉

    • That is great! My son has extremely detailed stories about his other life on Jupiter. He has had me draw his family picture, giving me very vivid details about how each person looks. I am sure it is a sign of extreme intelligence (still waiting for it to kick in) 🙂 Lately he has been using his other family as a threat. When he feels a wrong has been done to him, he threats to go back to Jupiter. So far, he is still here so I guess nothing has be so horrible that warranted him acting on the threat. Thanks for your input! I’ll have my son look out for him on his next travels.

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