Living among the Bubble People

After Jen posted about coming out of her Bubble, I could not sit idly by without some sort of retort.  There are many of us Non-Bubble People living in this world who have Bubble People for friends or as family members…maybe even a  husband or a wife.  The Non-Bubble people need to be heard too.  They needed a voice and I decided to be that voice.  You’re welcome. 🙂

I am what some might consider an extrovert.  That is a nice way of saying I’m loud and obnoxious.  You can pretty much find me in a crowd.  Just find the loudest person and head that way.    The person doing the chicken dance on the table at a wedding?  Yeah, that would be me.  I’m the crazy, immature person your mother warned you about.

So it kind of amazes me that when you look at who some of my closest friends are, most of them are pretty subdued introverts, aka Bubble People.  What is a Bubble Person, you ask?  Well, if you are reading this and you are an Aquarian, then you’re a Bubble Person.  For non Aquarians, a Bubble Person is someone who likes to be alone…a lot.  Especially during times of great stress or major hurdles in life.  When life gets overwhelming, these people disappear into their “Bubble”.  They slowly disappear into the background.  They don’t call.  They don’t text.  They shut themselves off from the rest of the world and hide until the storm passes.


We extroverts need people.  Being around people energizes us.  Keeps our batteries charged and helps us deal with this crazy world.  Without people in our daily lives, we can spiral down into the dark abyss of crazy.  We get cranky and anxious.  We pace.  We talk to ourselves.  We will seek out any human contact we can find.  We NEED human contact.

You can see my dilemma.  A bulk of the people I rely on for my mental stability are Bubble People.  And when they go into their Bubbles, I go nuts.  When this phenomenon first happened to me, I literally went bananas.  I tried desperately to break through the Bubble.  I poked it, smack it, kicked it, screamed at it, and basically did whatever I could think of to pop it.   Didn’t work.  Those Bubbles can be a bitch to pop!

As it began to dawn on me that I would not be able to coax these people out of the Bubble, I became desperate.  I needed human contact and I needed it soon.  So I did what any sane extrovert would do…I went trolling.   I hit the mall play areas looking for an unsuspecting mom hanging out with her kids…”oh they have a Starbucks nearby?” Or I hit the fast food play lands.  Lots of bored moms watching their kids play in giant Habitrail so they can have five minutes of peace to eat a deep fried sandwich….”Do you think they ever clean these things?”  Parks, playgrounds and the zoo were other great places to troll when the weather was nice.  Moms pushing their kids on the swings are great prey.  They are usually stuck there for hours, arms going numb, pushing their kids who never get enough.  I would wait until they got that glazed, far away look in their eyes, then I would strike.  “Don’t you just hate the guy who invented the swing?”  Great opener.  Empathize and draw them in.

These trips never quite landed me a new firendship, but they did provide me with enough of a fix to make it through the bubble.  More of a band aid, but it helped with “the dark times”.   I meet some lovely grandmothers watching their grandkids (believe me, they are more desperate then I am for company!) and a family friend who was helping out because the mom had mono.  They came into my life for brief moments, fullfilling my need for contact, probably never knowing the extent to which they helped me survive the day.

Eventually, my friends caught on at how distraught I was and had the decency to limit the length of time they went into the Bubble (maybe it was the threat that I was going to find new friends that weren’t Aquarians that did it…).  They also made sure they all did not go into the Bubble at the same time.  I have also grown and matured (yeah right) so I have found new ways to manage during bubble time without affecting large numbers of strangers’ lives in the process.  I made a few new “B list” friends, people I can go to for some company and playdates without the need to get into any really deep conversations.  I visit the grandparents for some free time and a free lunch.  And my visits to Dunkins greatly increase during bubble time.  Overall, I think I’m doing very well with my new found maturity.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see me at the park any time soon.



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