Other People’s Kids

© Dip2000 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

© Dip2000 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

It’s snowing on the last day of my spring break.  At six am the phone call for a two hour delay came.  Shortly before 9 the “oops, we messed up, school is cancelled today” call came.  I should be packing things up to head to Bikram yoga with Flippin’ Hysterical this morning, but I’m home with the kids.  I was really looking forward to seeing the cast of “Cocoon” as I hear they showed up last week, but I’m really not sweating it, because I’ve got extras today.

Mothers all over are starting to worry about what to do with the kiddos today, but I’m really kind of looking forward to getting some stuff done, like this post, which I told Sue I’d have for yesterday.  I’ve got Supermodel’s kids today.  All day.  And I’m psyched about it.  Supermodel’s daughter is ten days older than the Bug and the girls are tight.  They already have Play Doh out and have not needed me for anything yet.  In fact, when I thought that I may have thrown my glasses away at a coffee shop yesterday, the girls stopped what they were doing and would have been willing to search high and low for them if I had needed them to.  (I found them.)  Supermodel’s son is a year older than Little Man, but it doesn’t stop the two of them from getting along famously.  If I wanted to be really lazy, I could give the boys cart blanche to play video games all day and never see them again.  I won’t.  I’ll be responsible and make them shut it down after a bit, but they’ll be fine.  Luckily, they’re both into all things “boy” and will be happy.

Other People’s Children can be dicey.  There are some kids that you don’t want in your house at all.  There are others that you only want when their parents are sticking around.  Some kids are good for a play date here and there.  But the best kids are the ones that can stay all day long and make your life easier.  For the most part, all of our friends have kids we’d take all day, and our kids have made good friends at school that could hang all day.   Just last weekend, a friend called looking for Little Man to play with her youngest.  “When do you want him?” I asked her.  “Right now,” she answered.  She sounded a little nervous when I explained that we were just finishing up lunch and it might take a half hour to get him over there.

Wednesdays are spent with Sue and DJ after morning kindergarten gets out and yesterday Little Man got off the bus with three buddies.  Their moms and little sisters met us for lunch and to play, so the house was full, but it was a mostly happy, busy afternoon.  We don’t see Ms. Cocktail and family on as regular a basis anymore, but her kids and mine always play as if they’ve just seen each other a few days ago.  More IS merrier.

But back to Supermodel’s kids.  I can take them on their own or both of our families will hang out together.  The kids even make socializing easier for the adults.  I’ll feed Supermodel’s kids three meals and as many snacks as they want when they’re at my house because that’s about all I have to do when they are around.  They sleep over.  They get off the bus here once a week.  I love ‘em like my own.  Which is awesome for me.  Today my goal is to be close enough to my washing machine to listen for cycle changes and make sure it switches cycles, or to do it manually.  The washer is on its last legs and Big Man and I are planning on getting a new one this weekend, because it’s not worth the cost of fixing it.  But we’re a family of four and waiting a few more days without doing laundry is just crazy, and I am not dragging four kids to a laundromat in a snow storm.  So hello, last minute post I owe Sue and clean dining room table I promised myself I would take care of before spring break was over.  I hear running around upstairs and shouts from time to  time, but they’re happy shouts, so I’ll take it.



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