Wait… What Was I Doing?

I always plan to get some much done during the day while the kiddos are at school.  You know you do, too.  But then stuff happens that you just could not possibly foresee.  Really important stuff that just throws you off your game.  It happened to me just the other day.  It was a holy day, so I was off from work and I was thinking that I had an extra day to get things done around the house.  And I did get things done around the house.  That is, until I checked the mail on the way in from bringing Little Man home from school.  That catalog came in the mail.  You know which one I’m talking about.  The one geared towards us active girls.  It comes about once a week here (which means it totally distracts me about once a week).  Despite the fact that I always want to order at least one item on every single page, I’ve only ever bought a couple of swim suits and some jog bras.  But still, that catalog comes almost every week.

Like an idiot, I always flip through the pages.  Smarter-than-me friends throw that catalog away as soon as they see it in the pile of mail.  I, on the other hand, always wind up drooling over swim suits that stay in place, yoga pants that cost $79, tank tops that might actually hold my boobs in place, and every day clothes that just look comfy and cute.  Sometimes I go the extra mile to check things out on-line.  This time it was the bathing suits that got me.

It was a long, cold and snowy winter here in New England.  Spring started with snow on the ground and bathing suits make me think of warmer times to come.  Can you blame me?  We had a huge temperature drop the other night and I saw some flurries outside of my window.  It’s SPRING.  All of the women in that catalog look nice and tan and they’re all doing crazy active things like paddle boarding, surfing, playing beach volleyball, or running in triathlons in the pictures.  They are having so much outdoor fun AND their bathing suits are staying put.  Seems like it would be a smart purchase, right?

Unfortunately, that really isn’t the case.  At least, it isn’t when your thought process begins with, why not a $48 Beach Bikini top?  It sure looks like it will hold the girls in place.  It should probably be paired with a $54 swim short.  That seems practical for running around with the kiddos, even if it barely covers my a$$.  There’s totally $54 worth of fabric there.  Oh, but what about tan lines?  Maybe another bottom for hanging around sunning oneself?  I kind of love the Notsostring bottom.  What’s another $44?  Hmmm, but then I should really have a tankini top to cover up when I want to be a little more covered.  What if I get a sunburn during the week we spend at the cottage?  I also kind of love the Beach Tankini, for another $59.  Sure!  Go for it!  What’s $205 on bathing suits?  Then the real dilemma hit.  There are so many awesome swim series.  Which pattern to pick?  I was obviously in over my head and  required expert advice.  Like any smart Mama, I texted Flippin’ Hysterical for her opinion.

Me:  New Athleta catalog today!  Dilemma, do I pretend to have enough money to buy the Dragonfly swim series or the Zanzibar?  So hard to know…

Flippin’ Hysterical:  Or you go full moron, and buy both!  Just saying!!  You work hard fo’ yo’ money!

Needless to say, the expert advice was only marginal helpful.  But the cavalier tone did remind me to keep things in check and to chuck the catalog.  But now I was texting Flippin’ Hysterical.  More time would be lost.  We were desperately trying to plan a girls’ night out with Supermodel and my neighbor Yet-Another-Ridiculously-Tall-Pretty-Blonde, but could not come up with a single night that worked for everyone.  This particular GNO has already been postponed at least once, which made it a much higher priority than whatever it was I had been doing or planning on doing before.  (As a complete and total aside, Flippin’ Hysterical is another tall, pretty, blonde. Can you picture my 5’5” brown-eyed, brunette self rolling with these ladies?  I cannot possibly look like I belong in that group to any outside observer, especially when I forget who I’m hanging with and wear flats.)

Me:  Is it sad that I want to flip a coin over Thurs/Fri next week and just get out?!?  I know somebody would get left out and it’s totally wrong, but for the love!

Flippin’ Hysterical:  I say it’s never wrong when it feels so right!

Me:  Or, you and I go out Thurs with Yet-Another-Ridiculously-Tall-Pretty-Blonde & Fri with Supermodel.  More wrong?

Flippin’ Hysterical:  I am always key in a clutch decision… We do both!  LOL, I am not helping am I!!

Now, obviously, no coins were flipped and we will NOT be going out both nights this week.  Yet-Another-Ridiculously-Tall-Pretty-Blonde graciously suggested we go out without her and I have since remembered that Thursday doesn’t really work for me anyway on the weeks that I’m tutoring.  And, as of this morning the whole thing is a wash!  Wait, that wasn’t the point of the story, was it?  What the heck was I doing and why isn’t my “to do” list all checked off?



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