Stuff I Love About My Guy

OK, so let’s be honest, sometimes we’re hard on our guys.  They’re usually the first to feel the effects of our daily frustrations.  They’re also the first to get picked on, by us.  Sometimes, very publicly.  However, for a girl who got picked up by some random boy in a bar, I think I made out pretty well.  Here are a few reasons why:

·         Some hubbies really suck.  I hear stories other women tell and think, “Holy crap!  I’ll keep mine, thank you very much.”

·         Dude’s a bed maker.  I could sleep in a bed for days on end without ever making it.  Twisted, tangled sheets are no deterrent for me.  Big guy makes the bed every day, unless I’m still in it when he leaves for work.  He’s passed his bed making habits along to the kiddos.  As I see it, I could go the rest of my life never making another bed, unless of course, it involves changing the sheets.

Ok, mayyyybe Ladybug takes after me.

Ok, mayyyybe Ladybug takes after me.

·         He thinks I’m hot.  Granted, there are nights I wouldn’t mind it if he didn’t think I’m hot, I’d much rather he think I’m hot than somebody else.

·         Big Man knows how to do dishes, load a dish washer, and empty it.  And, he takes the time to show the kiddos how to do the dishes.

Little Man, learning the ropes.

Little Man, learning the ropes.

·         He’s sarcastic and a sometimes he’s not very nice.  I LOVE that about him.  Some of his commentary is totally off-color and inappropriate.  I find him to be very amusing.

·         Somehow, he has fallen for my particular brand of crazy.  We all have a little bit of crazy in us.  It’s amazing anyone ever finds somebody to fall for our crazy, but we do.

·         Big Man LIKES to go to the grocery store, with BOTH kids, on a Saturday morning.  The Saturday morning trip to the grocery store was kind of nice when it was just the two of us, and we were willing to spend a little bit more on groceries at the nicer, bigger chain.  Now that I’m Super Frugal Mama and we hit the scary supermarket, I don’t even want to go in there alone half the time, let alone with anybody else to get tangled up in the crowds.

·         I break $hit.  Expensive $hit.  He always seems to roll with it.  If you haven’t already checked out Happy New Year, Big Man, give it a read.  Or, more recently, I broke the carafe to the coffee maker.  I do this about once every six months when I’m washing it out.  This time I was rewarded with a new  Keurig.  Totally makes sense, right?

·         He works hard for our family and he loves our kids.  Really?  Didn’t need any of the above.

·         6’2” and baby blues.  No matter how much he pisses me off during the day, when he comes home from work and sits across the dinner table with those flippin’ blue eyes staring at me, I tend to forget why I was pissed in the first place.

An oldie, but goodie.  Couldn't help myself!

An oldie, but goodie. Couldn’t help myself!


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