Bus Stop Medusa Strikes Again

So most mornings at the bus stop aren’t too pretty, I’ll be the first to admit this.  Usually, I’ve got running or yoga clothes on, and am sporting a ball cap or a ponytail.  I don’t think I’m alone here, but apparently, that’s where I need to live.

It sounded like my neighbors had been having a tough time getting out the door this morning as I listened to their conversation, while I headed down the driveway with the kiddos.  I was not greeted with my usual “Good morning, Mrs. W!” from Little Miss Sunshine, the younger of the kids next door.  The tiniest thing ever, she usually has a huge, beaming smile for me, and a big, happy, greeting.  This morning she was wrapped around her mom’s leg, with her face buried deep in mom’s thigh.  I chalked it up to the rough morning it seemed like they were having.  Until…

About a minute before the bus came, a little voice said, “Mommy, why does Mrs. W. look like that?”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  Heck, even Ladybug laughed.  I had actually put real clothes on, in anticipation of the kids’ school concert, so that was a plus, right? But, I had my glasses on.  And, most importantly, the Medusa hair had not yet been tamed.  Very few people are subjected to the Medusa hair.  Usually, if I’m not going to dry it, there’s some sort of product in there keeping things under control.  Or, it’s pulled back in a ponytail.  Or tucked under a ball cap.  Or all of the above.  Besides Big Man and the kiddos, the only other people who are regularly subjected to the full on Medusa effect are those who see me at the pool at 5:30 am before I tuck all of that $hit into a bathing cap.  I almost always walk through the parking lot to the pool with a baseball cap on. For good reason.  It’s scary. Just ask Little Miss Sunshine.  I honestly think that I’ve scarred her for life.

Hey, it's humid out!

Hey, it’s humid out!

I promised Little Miss Sunshine I’d go inside and blow dry my hair, and straighten it.  I promised to leave my glasses at home.  She made it clear though, she’d still prefer it if I changed into my running clothes.  I guess, that’s just a better look for me.

Things always look better when kept under wraps!

Things always look better when kept under wraps!



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