Treat Her Right, Fool!

Mother’s Day is this weekend and in honor of all the moms out there, I put together a little video to show how much moms mean to the world.

I actually made the video as a joke for a friend of mine. We have a little inside joke going. We used to get together in the mornings to walk our dogs then she decide to go an get a job and leave me high and dry. One of the worst things for me is to be left alone to my own devices. Spending every morning alone with just my warped mind and two dogs is a recipe for disaster. I need adult supervision.

Since I was walking my dog anyway, I started taking her dog along as well. I would send her updates on how her “daughter” was doing at “daycare” and it kind of morphed from there. I made up a fictitious name for my daycare, Panciocco Paws Academy and post pictures of things we did on our walks. Then came the commercial and, well, it just snowballed for there.

I hadn’t done anything in awhile so when I realized Mother’s Day was coming up, I had to do a video. I found the perfect song, performed by the awesome Mr. T and the rest is history. If you want to see Mr T’s version, here’s the link: Mr. T

I posted the other videos on my YouTube page if anyone would like to see just how starved for adult companionship I really am.

So to all the moms out there, this is for you. And for all you kids out there, remember to Treat Your Mother Right!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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