Stuff That is Absolutely Scaring the Crap Out of Me Today (ok, not really, but I needed a title)

Hey. It’s Jen. I’m still alive, but Sue has been holding down the fort like a rock star, hasn’t she? These are just a few of the random scary thoughts running through my head this morning:

It’s May 30 and it was 55 degrees outside at the bus stop this morning. What the heck?

My kids have exactly sixteen and a half days of school left before summer vacation (including today). Then they’ll be home with me all summer. And it was 55 degrees outside this morning, on May 30. I’m a pool whore. If you have a pool and invite me and the kids over to hang out, the answer is always “yes”. (Unless we already have other pool visiting plans.) What does a girl like me do when the weather sucks all summer long? I know we had a mild, rainy summer a couple of years ago and I survived, but I don’t remember how. I think I’ve blocked it from my memory.

Big Man and I just ordered a new dishwasher and refrigerator (because our appliances always need replacing in twos) and I haven’t found a teaching job for next year yet.

My slightly-more-expensive-than-kitchen-appliances car will need to be replaced next. I don’t think sub pay supports new car purchases.

Ladybug started wearing deodorant this year. Things can only go downhill from here.

There’s no tequila in my house. There may or may not have been an evening when Big Man, Flippin Hysterical, and Betty’s husband saddled up to my kitchen table and polished off the tequila. Summer vacation starts in three weeks and there’s no tequila in my house.

There’s no tequila in my house, I’ve known this for months, and I keep forgetting to do something about it. I may have already lost my marbles completely.

Little Man hugs with his whole body. Arms, legs, whatever he can wrap around you. I love it. I can barely pick him up anymore. Then what?

I stripped the sheets on all of the beds today. Which means that at some point today, I will have to make all of the beds in the house. Bed making is my kryptonite. Add in the pressure of having to get it done before anyone can go to sleep. Things might get ugly.

Betty and I had a nice trail this morning. We went a little quicker than we planned/expected. The sun came out. I got a little sweatier than expected, but I’m not showering before I go to the grocery store, because it’s Market Basket and NO ONE will notice. No. One. This fact alone should scare everyone.

It’s all a little random. But these are the crazy mom thoughts I’ve got today. I’m trying to get back in to the swing of things. Be patient with me!



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