Happy Father’s Day

After my wildly popular Mother’s Day video (actually I think only 6 people saw it), I knew I have to give all the dads out there equal treatment so I searched around and found this song.  I had grandiose ideas for this video, but alas, like most ideas in my head, the mental image and the actual product don’t always come out to be equal. This was mainly due to many unforeseen incidents.  The rest was due to lack of talent and staffing issues. 🙂

First, it rained – buckets – for days – so I couldn’t get outside.  Then the stomach bug hit our house.  Actually, it crushed the boy, who ended up in the hospital – twice.  This lead to my husband canceling his business trip two weeks in a row, leaving him wandering the house, paying way too much attention to what I was doing. 🙂  I thought my dreams were dead in the water until a little stroke of luck the day before Daddy Day.  My husband took the boy on an errand and I had a brief half an hour of free time to myself.  The following is what I accomplished in that brief moment of freedom.

So I hope you enjoy this little montage.  Or at the very least wonder if I was dropped on my head as a child.

Either way, Happy Father’s Day!



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