‘Twas the night before school

‘Twas the night before school
And all through my place
Roamed two grumpy children
Not one happy face

School starts tomorrow
And it fills them with dread
Making it twenty times harder
To get them to bed

Summer is gone
A flash in the pan
No more days in the sun
Say goodbye to the tan

Fun days filled with swimming
Seeing friends every day
Many late nights to bed
They wish summer would stay

So few rules, no routines
Having ice cream for dinner
I have to admit
Summer’s a winner

But all good things must end
Its time to move on
I am totally ready
For these kids to be gone

They complain they are bored
They bicker and fight
Send them off to school
Get them out of my sight

Leave me be with my coffee
I can finally drink hot
Hit the stores unencumbered
Try on clothes on the spot

Eat my lunch undisturbed
Catch up on the news
Take a nap if I want to
Do whatever I choose

Yes, the start of school
May bring little ones fear
But I’m sure moms all over
Will let out a big cheer

And Mine will be gone
From 8 until 3
After 10 grueling years
I am finally free!

Have a great school year!


One thought on “‘Twas the night before school

  1. I just posted that I will miss Camden tomorrow but after reading this…. hmmmm. 🙂 Enjoy! I hope to see you even though the boys aren’t in the same grade anymore.. Me, you, Macie and coffeeeeee!

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