I have been married to the handsome, loving, and INCREDIBLY understanding Big Man for the past 10 years. (Ohhhh, isn’t that sweet?  Please don’t get nervous, I am not a sunshine and rainbows girl.  Sarcasm is my preferred method of communication, and I promise, most of my posts will be filled with it.)  We have two children, Ladybug, who is 8, and Little Man, who is 5.  To maintain my “mostly sane-ness” I run, swim, and eat chips and guacamole with Sue at least once a week while the little blond boys run and play.  I also teach part time at a local college, which involves a lengthy and blessedly quiet commute during which I can listen to whichever radio station I want!


Twelve years ago, I, a spastic, sarcastically funny, slightly immature Irish girl meet an equally spastic, funny, slightly immature Italian guy and we fell in love.  After meeting his mother the first time and mooning her from the car window, she decided I was the girl for her son.  So we married and I set off to learn how to spell my now long ass Italian last name.  Somewhere down the line, we decided it would be fun to have children and we were genuinely shocked when we produce not one, but two spastic, funny, sarcastic little versions of ourselves…..  Livy Lu or “Peanut”, my 8 year old high maintenance, vivacious daughter and DJ or “Dr. Destructo” (and several other names I really can’t put in print), my 4 year old hysterically funny daredevil. Now, 10 years later, we are one big slightly functional family surviving our daily lives with doses of humor, sarcasm and various medications.  To maintain my “mostly sane-ness”, I visit Dunkin Donuts on an hourly basis and eat chips and guac with Jen while our boys put holes in the ceiling and ride their big wheels down the slide.  My husband travels weekly so my main job is keeping the rug rats from destroying the house and making sure my van doesn’t run out of gas each week.  Two things which are not always easily achieved!


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