Happy Birthday, Daddy…Kind of


It’s my husband’s birthday today.  So of course, the kids wanted to do something special for him.  Actually, I had nothing prepared so I figured I’d convince the kids make cards then at least it would seem like we had our sh#%$^t together.

The Hubs had to work an overnight shift which was perfect since I figured he would sleep in and we would have extra time to get cards made and zip to Dunkins for “breakfast in bed”.

Well, in my head it seemed like the perfect plan….until I had to actually involve the kids.

The boy was up first since his new things is trying to get up before us so he can sneak in extra computer time “on the sly”.  Apparently, he thinks I’m an idiot.  His idea of “sneaking” downstairs is to come in my room (loudly) to check if I am sleeping then bound down the stairs like a graceful elephant.  He also puts his headphones to block the sound, but then proceeds to give a play by play of everything he is doing…loudly, since he cannot hear himself with headphones on.

Once I was up and had some caffeine brewing, I dealt with Operation Fool Mom by shutting off the internet.  Who’s the idiot now?  Of course, all the protesting brought the Teen down in all her morning glory.  You know how cheery those teens are in the morning hours.

After getting everyone fed and medicated, we tackled the business of card making.  Translation: the kids fought for 15 minutes over who had first dibs on the green paper.  

Once we solved the Great Color Paper Debate of 2017, they finally got down to actually making the card.  The Teen wanted to make “the greatest birthday card ever” .  I was unaware that the event would last approximately 30 minutes.  The boy spent equal amount of time drawing every YouTuber he has ever watched on his card.  I made more caffeine.

Now that our marathon card making session was complete, it was time to head to Dunkins.  Of course, no one could find their shoes….

Shoes found.  Teen disappears.  Cannot find her.  She is upstairs dressing her baby doll and locating its car seat for the trip.

Ok, we are in the car.  Baby is in her car seat.  Everyone has their shoes. To save some time, I decide to use On The Go so our order will be ready when we get to Dunkins.  Place the order.  Realize its to the wrong Dunkins.  Cancel order.  Re order at the right Dunkins.  Finally leave the driveway.

We arrive at Dunkins and the kids spend 5 minutes deciding if they actually want to get out and go in or stay in the car.  I leave them.  Kids scramble out of the car in disgusts that I left without them.  Our order is not ready so the kids settle in to steal some free wifi while we wait.  Our order comes out just as they get involved in whatever dumb game they are playing this week.  More protesting.  Get back into car and arrive at home with our special “birthday breakfast”.

Get home, rush inside, grab our cards and head upstairs to surprise Daddy…..who is already up and making the bed.

Surprise!  We brought you breakfast in bed!  Well, I guess technically, we brought your breakfast into the bedroom so….it’s close.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

All this fun before 9am!  Who could ask for a better birthday?    Well….probably my husband.

Happy Birthday, Honey.  Better luck next year…..I hope! 




#Nana Just Died

I was at the park on Wednesday when I received a text from my mom.  I opened it up and there were just three words on the screen:

Nana just died.

That’s it.  Just those three words to announced that my maternal grandmother had just passed away at the ripe old age of 99 years old.

I announced to my friends that my mother just texted me to tell me that my grandmother died.  They were all shocked and offered their condolences to me and I chuckled at the weirdness of getting a text about someone dying.  Is this how we do it now?

We live in a world where everyone knows everyone’s business IMMEDIATELY.  Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a blog (cough cough) or the other twenty different new fangled sites out there, people are quick to post about everything to everyone as soon as (if not as) it happens.  I can’t tell you how many obituaries or RIP posts I’ve seen in the past week, most for people I don’t know.  Hey, I’m guilty of it as well so I should not be shocked that I received a text about my grandmother’s passing.  It’s how we do things these days.

Now, my grandmother would have found this extremely improper.  She was constantly telling her grandchildren that young ladies don’t do……well, pretty much anything, according to Nana Fran.  I was told on numerous occasions that young ladies don’t climb trees, run in the house, scream in the house, chew gum, don’t tie up their sisters; pretty much anything I ever consider fun as a kid.  I am pretty sure she would also believe that young ladies don’t send a text to announce a death.

Still, I get why my mom sent the text.  We talked that morning and she told me that Nana was failing fast so she was heading down to be with her.  I expected to hear Nana had passed either that day or the next.   My mom has been driving back and forth most days to see my grandmother for over a week now.  It’s an hour one way, on RT 128, which, if you are from Boston, then you know that drive just SUCKS at anytime of day.  Now pretend that you’re a nervous senior citizen driver who hates to merge and must drive that route  to visit her dying mother.  Throw in hanging out with my six uncles, most who, when in the same room together, make my children look well behaved (which is why I love having them at parties) and you have a recipe for a full blown anxiety attack.  Or at least a full bottle of wine.   So I can cut my mom some slack for texting me rather than calling.  I wouldn’t want to talk to people after that kind of day either.

In fact, I’m kind of proud of my little white haired mother for being savvy enough to text me.  I remember when she was a young girl of 70 something and just getting her shiny new flip phone.   We made plans that day to meet at a shopping center to grab some lunch with my aunt.  I called her new cell phone and was fortunate enough to be able to listen in on the conversation between her and my aunt as they desperately tried to figure out how to answer the phone.  They even got the Old Navy cashier involved, all the while not knowing that it automatically answers when you open the phone.  Now she is a full fledge pro, using her new upgraded phone with the sliding keyboard to send out texts to her children about their grandmother’s death.  It makes a daughter proud.  So she still can’t figure out how to view a picture on her phone or send one for that matter, but boy, she has the texting part down.  In fact, she no longer calls me on my house phone anymore.  Gone are the days when we talked almost daily.  Now I get texts on a daily, hell, sometimes hourly basis.  Who would have guessed?

I did talk my mom the next day to make sure she was doing fine.  I mentioned her texting rather then calling me about Nana.  She said she didn’t even think about that being strange.  “I was so done with talking to people by that point”, she said.  “ I just figured a text was easier then explaining it one more time.”   Totally get that feeling.

My mom is heading down to make the arrangements for Nana Fran today.  Better make sure my phone is charged.  Pretty sure I’ll be getting a text about that fairly soon.   Sorry Nana Fran. 🙂  I always sucked at being a young lady.



Nana Fran and Mom – 2012